Aplications of LiFi

Cellular communications: LFi can pride 24/7 high speed data communication by the use of normal street lights providing network access points. The cost in the use of this technology will be reduced because there is no need to install radio bases. In this way the use of street lamps wold provide both, data communication and lighting, even with the lights off full network data communication is still possible.

Security: in a room any user of LiFi can receive high speed data connection no matter how many users connect since the area of the channels is determined by the light pool. Each light pool provides full channel data rates with fewer simultaneous users. The greatest asset of Light communications is that, since light can’t go through walls security is enhanced compare to radio based networks.

Underwater Communications: Radio waves are easily absorbed by water, but instead light travels great distances allowing communications diver-to-diver or diver-to-minisub.

Intelligent Transportation Systems: Lifi can prevent car collisions between vehicles, by information being carried from car to car by their tail or headlights. This also would allow real time download of information and optimal routes to take.