Li-Fi Security and Safety


li-fi technology

Benefits of Li-Fi

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important benefits from Li-Fi stems from the fact that it is a license-free. Another key benefit of Li-Fi is security; you don’t have to worry about your data leaving the room or that intercepted by a third party. This is one; reason why banks and government agencies want to implement Li-Fi as their primary source of communication and data transmission. Also Li-Fi speed rates are much faster, up to 10GPs. Concerning health, Li-Fi is safer because it relies on visible and infrared light, avoiding the use of potentially harmful radio waves. Furthermore,  it is more efficient since it requires fewer components than radio technology. Another perk is that LED allows you to save energy. With regards to safety, light beams don’t interfere with any other electronic devices, a big advantage when it comes to using Li-Fi technology in hospitals and airplanes. In fact, Li-Fi has already been tested on aircrafts in mid-air and has proven to be 100% safe.