A good read for anyone interested in Indoor Usage of Li-Fi


Light Fidelity is a phrase frequently used to describe high-speed visible light communication in application backgrounds where wireless technology (Wi-Fi) might also be used. The term Li-Fi is similar to Wi-Fi excluding the fact that light rather than radio technology is used for data transmission.

Li-Fi may be contemplated as a complement to Wi-Fi. If a user device is placed within a Li-Fi hot spot (i.e. under a Li-Fi light bulb), it might be handed over from the Wi-Fi system to the Li-Fi system and there could be a significant improvement in performance. In this book, an optical wireless communication system will be demonstrated using light-emitting diode bulbs providing  the enlightenment for a given area as a Li-Fi paradigm.



A must-read book for anyone interested in Optical  Networks


Compressed Sensing in Li-Fi and Wi-Fi Networks features coverage of the first applications in optical and wireless telecommunications. After extensive research of basic theory behind telecommunications and wireless networks, various methods are presented, such as non-asymptotic analysis of random matrices, adaptive detection, greedy algorithms, and the use of graphical models of signals.

The book can be used as an advanced manual for teaching and researching in courses regarding modern signal processing, efficient data processing algorithms, and telecommunication technology.



Interesting book from one of the inventors of Li-Fi


Harald Haas, whom is the author of this book, is Chair of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, the inventor of the term Li-Fi, listed in Time magazine’s ’50 Best Inventions of 2011′.

The book provides all the fundamentals needed to construct high performance indoor optical wireless communication systems using visible and infrared light, and extremely important techniques for improving systems by increasing throughput, decreasing difficulty and measuring performance.


The 2018-2023 World Outlook for Li-Fi


This book covers the worldwide expectations for Li-Fi technologies. For each year stated, estimates of  potential industry revenues are given for each country.

These reference points allow the lector to quickly measure a country in relation to others making use of econometric models which present important economic dynamics within each country and across countries, realistic demand estimates are created.